Field Fusion Splicing Tool
Connector Maker (Full Set)

SOL-1000 Connector Maker

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P/N: SOL-1000
New generation FTTH connection tool with no heating solution
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Professional Quality Testing Program for Network Switches.
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Key Features

  • No sleeve heating process required
  • Micro 5pin port charging
  • Splicing time : 10sec
  • Portable compact size
  • Easy installation constrained space

No sleeve heating process

Simple attachment of industrial adhesive wing sleeve tape, instead of heating using the heat sleeve

Alignment check, and low loss performance

Micro 5pin port charging : Fully charged battery supports 200 nos. of splicing

Easy installation in constrained space

Product Specifications​

Number of Fiber
Single Core
Applicable Fibers
Single-Mode similar/dissimilar (G.652 & G.657) Multi-Mode similar/dissimilar (G.651) Dissimilar Fiber (SM/MM)
Compatible fiber/cable
900um, 2mm, 3mm round, 2X3mm flat, 4mm
Cleaved Length
9 ~ 10 mm
Typical Average Splice Loss
0.1 dB or less
Splicing Time
10 sec
Viewing Method
1 axis CMOS camera
Protection Method of Fusion-Spliced Point
Wing-adhesive protection
Number of splice
200 times
Dimension / Weight
110(W) X 115(L) X 60(H) mm / 0.65kg
Power Supply
Installed battery by Micro 5 pin USB port (Phone charger)
Electrode Life
3,000 splices

Product Details

Size & Detail

SOL-1000 Full set & Option​

  • Fusion Splicing Connector Making Tool​
  • 2-step Fiber Cleaver (Manual type)​
  • Fiber Stripper​
  • Kevlar Scissor​
  • Brush​
  • Jacket Stripper (Option for 2x3mm flat drop cable)​
  • Connector & Cable & Sleeve Holders (Option)​
  • Hard Case ​

Type of SOLMate Holders ​